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The historical headquarter of the Biribin Group is in Paris, where the company was created. This is a reason why we are the best to take car of you here in the French capital. We are here for ensuring that your time in the city is as profitable as you want it to be. So you can enjoy Paris at its best, its energy, its culture and gastronomie.

Our Paris office is available at any time, for tailor-made transportation solutions, protection and concierge services.

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A business meeting in La Defense ? Some romantic holidays planed in the city of love ?

Biribin Group brings its expertise to develop a solution that will suit your needs. For yourself, your partners or your customers, so that your time in Paris happen to take place in a perfect comfort.

Our transfer to or from airports and train stations ensure you a smooth trip when you most need to be relaxed and focused on your objectives.


Our world is constantly evolving, which makes the ability to protect yourself and your data a key issue.

Biribin works with highly train people and exceptionnally rigourus procedures to allow you to remain peaceful at every moment.

Our experience of serving leaders and the biggest corporations allow us to provide a service that perfectly fits every different need.


You have a special need ? An event to plan ? Or you just want to make sure your favorite restaurant will have a table for you ?

The Biribin Group Concierge service has been created to be an asset for our customers.

The service has been designed internationally at first, to make sure our expertise is able to follow our customer anywhere, and always serves them with the same level of quality.

We have ability to answer in time, and to come with the efficient answer that will match your exact need. Let us turn your problems into solutions.

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