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Since 1968

Biribin Group, founded in 1968 by Mr & Mrs Biribin, offers tailor-made and high-end services for a unique experience.

Our motto – More than a Drive – finds root deep in our processes from day one.

Your satisfaction is ours. We live by and for our clients. Reaching your full satisfaction is our sole goal, from the very first moment we are in touch together, until we close the doors behind you , for a complete and serene experience.

Biribin Group is member of the National Limousine Association ( NLA) as well as member of the french famous Clefs d’Or.

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Your satisfaction and positive feedbacks are our reason to be. we built our group step by step focusing on our customer experience. Come and experiment our commitment to serve you.




The company was born in 1968 under the lead of Mr Roland Biribin and his wife Ms Biribin Guarnieri.


Biribin is a partner to the French Minister of Foreign Affairs.


Biribin aquired the Bernard Durand Company, which has been created in 1949


Biribin created its Côte d’Azure & Alps offices in Cannes.


Biribin opened its Eastern France offices in Strasbourg, and since then works with the European Parliement.


Biribin aquires Bordeaux Limousine and opens an office in the West part of France and the Atlantic coast.


Biribin opens offices in Bruxelles, and in 2013 in Geneva.


Biribin becomes the Biribin Group and creates new solutions in personal protection and concierge services.

Silvana biribin

General manager

“We are comitted to serve and satisfy our customers. More than a mission it’s a passion. Each ones of our solutions have been designed to overpass our customers’ expectations. As a General Manager, I have a total trust in our team to make sure this commitment is met under any circumstances. Let’s turn your problematics into long term solutions.”

Roland biribin

Founder of Biribin

“I founded Biribin Limousines in 1968, that will later become the Biribin Group, as we started including new services in 2016. It is a personal and family adventure that could rely on a dedicated and commited team at every step of our growth. All along the way we manage to keep the same spirit than we had on day one : be commited to serve our customers, personalizing our service in an impeccable way. I trust in the future of the Biribin Group, as it always knew how to adapt to a fast moving environment. By standing to our core value, quality and service, we will keep on making a diffence for our customers.”