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Tailor-made SERVICES


A quality Of all instant

Quality is the fondamental for high range services. This is what allowed us to build a trustful relation with our customers since 50 years.


This is why we focus on quality in every service we provide, so that we distinguish ourselves from many other providers, and always satisfy our customers.

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Committed to serve you


We guarantee the best quality of service on each of our categories.
Our teams are train to meet the highest quality expectations. The quality process we follow are matching the luxury industry strandards.

But it is the overall passion our team has for the everyday challenge that makes us unique for overpassing your expectation on a daily basis.

UN HÉRITAGE DU TEMPSBiribin was created 50 years ago, and had to constantly adapt to a fast moving environment. This is thanks to this flexibility and anticipation ability that we are now able to deliver a wide range of high quality services that always meet our customer’s expecations.

POUR ENTREPRISES ET PARTICULIERSCustomer intimacy is part of our DNA. Because we know our customers, we know anticipate their needs in all type of situations, should they be private of work related.


  • During holidays, or for a night out, our team will be standing by you for transportation, protection or any type of need you should have during your stay.
  • We team up with corporate executives and leaders on their everyday challenges. We work for the top management of worlwide companies, and also for smaller corporations.

Every client is unique to us, and so are the solution we set for answering their needs.


High-end transportation

Transporting people on many ways has been our core business for many years. We conceive it as a unique experience. You should try it for yourself, your teams or partner.


Personal protection

Our world is constantly evolving, which makes the ability to protect yourself and your data a key issue. Biribin works with highly train people and exceptionnally rigourus procedures to allow you to remain peaceful at every moment.


Luxury concierge

The Biribin Concierge service has been created to be an asset for our customers. We have abiltiy to answer in time, and to come with the adapted answer. Let us turn your problems into solutions.

Silvana Biribin, Directrice Générale du Groupe Biribin

"We are comitted to serve and satisfy our customers. More than a mission it's a passion. Each ones of our solutions have been designed to overpass our customers' expectations. As a General Manager, I have a total trust in our team to make sure this commitment is met under any circumstances. Let's turn your problematics into long term solutions."

Silvana Biribin,

General Manager, Biribin Group